Car dealers West Midlands

When looking to buy a used car there are many car dealers in and around the west midlands.

Do your research, check out a few different garages and go on a recommendation if you can, it is always better to go from a person that you know and trusts advice than just going into something blind.

When going into Car dealers’ west midlands you could look at a basic checklist to make sure you are buying the right used car for you. Look at your essential requirements when buying a used car, is it big enough, is it economic, does it have a big boot (If you need one) will it fit in the garage, is it diesel or petrol: does that matter to you?

Make sure you can afford it! If you are going into car dealers west midlands to look for a new vehicle, do not pick a car that you cannot afford, do not go into a new agreement that you can not keep up the monthly payments, work out a budget and stick to it. Do not forget to include in your budget that you will also have to pay tax and insurance on top of the cost of the car.

When you buy a used car from car dealers West Midlands, there are many things you should check for to make sure the vehicle is in the best condition it can be.

A used car should always have an HPI check, this will include if the car has been in any accidents, or if it is still on finance.

Check the overall condition of the car, look for scratches, dents, etc, of course, a used car is rarely going to be perfect but just confirm the car only has fair wear and tear for its year. Also check the mileage of the car the average mileage for a car is about 10,000 miles, check its last service in the service book to see if the numbers add up.



Worldwide Trademark

How Do I Register A Worldwide Trademark?

A trademark is a protection that can be applied to your company to ensure that your product can not be used or copied across the jurisdiction your trademark protection covers you in. Almost every multinational, local, charity and even celebrities own a trademark or worldwide trademark.

This worldwide trademark is a specific phrase, logo or brand name that you identify to be the owner of the good and products that belong exclusively to you. This worldwide trademark distinguishes your goods or services from others who may be tarnishing your reputation by selling a similar product using your brand. With worldwide trademark protection, any brand, logo or name like that of yours will be prosecuted as you now with the worldwide trademark have the legal protection of your intellectual property.

Worldwide trademark

3 Tips to Help with Your Worldwide Trademark


  1. Register in the U.S to Help Your Worldwide Trademark Application

Before considering your worldwide trademark application it is recommended that you first register your trademark in the U.S through the U.S patent and trademark office. It is suggested that you register your worldwide trademark in the U.S firstly because having a U.S trademark already in place as a foundation for protecting your intellectual property will give you stronger grounds and recognition when register for your worldwide trademark in other countries


  1. Worldwide Trademark with The Madrid System

Firstly, with any worldwide trademark, the Madrid system will be your fully comprehensive one-stop shops for all registration and management of your worldwide trademark. Using the Madrid agreement, a company can submit a worldwide trademark application to protect its assets within multiple countries that come under the Madrid Union. There are 113 countries that are currently offering their worldwide trademark protection under the Madrid system, these include countries such as France, China and the European Union. Of these 113 countries, you can choose individual countries or a coalition of countries to register a worldwide trademark and protect your intellectual property.

  1. Hire a Worldwide Trademark Attorney

If you are investigating registering a worldwide trademark in a country that is not a part of the Madrid system we would always recommend that you hire the expertise and specialist knowledge of a worldwide trademark attorney.  Countries such as Argentina, Canada and Hong Kong are just a few of the countries who are not protected under the Madrid Agreement.

Solicitors Birmingham

Finding the Perfect Solicitors Birmingham

Are you in desperate need of legal advice but are unsure where to even begin to look? The court and legal process can be a complex and difficult area to navigate with multiple different types of solicitors across Birmingham and the whole of the UK. To make an informed decision of what solicitors Birmingham are ideal for you and your legal case you must understand the different sectors of law to ensure that the perfect solicitors Birmingham is chosen for you to ensure the very best results for you are your case.

Here we are going to explore both employment law and commercial law solicitors Birmingham to understand what common lawsuits they cover and can help advice you with so when it comes to your court case you understand which solicitor is ideal for your situation.

Solicitors Birmingham

Solicitors Birmingham – Employment Law

The first area of law we are going to explore is employment solicitors and employment law. This area of practice typically focuses and covering the rights, obligations and responsibilities of an employer and employee relationship. Employment solicitors Birmingham look to ensure that employers comply with all employment legislations, regulating the relationship between businesses and their employees to ensure they are fair for every individual.

Common Lawsuit Employment Solicitors Birmingham Cover Include:

Solicitors Birmingham – Commercial Law

Also known as business law, commercial solicitors Birmingham is a vast area of law that touches upon many different departments including real estate law, food safety law, etc. commercial law unlike employment is a very complex area regulating the conduct of persons, trades, commerce and sales. Commercial solicitors Birmingham work with and advice many companies throughout transactions between business’s as this usually consists of complex contracts between parties and this is where many legal issues can arise, and a breach of contract may take place initiating a legal case and the need for advice from a commercial solicitors Birmingham.

 Common Commercial Solicitors Birmingham Lawsuits Include:

Conveyancing fees

Whether you are buying or selling a property, extending a lease or remortgaging, there are going to be conveyancing fees involved. Conveyancing is the legal process involved in buying or selling a property and you will need to pay a solicitor or conveyance to carry this service out for you. However, if you are selling and buying a property at the same time your conveyancing fees will be

It can be tempting to go for the cheapest option, however, if you pay a little bit more, we believe that you will receive better service and your solicitor will be more of an experienced professional. This will ensure that your money is well spent and that they will not let you down.

conveyancing fees


Disbursements are the fees your solicitor or conveyancer must pay to third parties for services as well as checks during the conveyancing process. These include:

  • Anti-money laundering checks

This is required by the government to prevent money laundering. These checks are legal and to confirm your identity when either buying or selling a property.

  • Obtaining title deeds

In order to legally sell your house, you will need a copy of the title deeds. These are a specific series of documents which is usually held by the Land Registry.

  • Searches

When buying a house, it is important to have all the information accessible to you about the property as well as the surrounding area.

As well as many other third-party services including:

  • Property fraud checks
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Bank transfer
  • Stamp duty land tax